How to Get for Your AEPS business apps & Software ?

Get Your AEPS Business Apps & Software

Over the past several years, Rainet Technology (ClicknCash)has grown as a trusted and competent banking solutions and payment systems partner for over 50+ financial institutions.

What is AEPS Software ? 

Aadhar Enabled Payment System is a payment system which Allows one to Perform Operations like Depositing Cash Online through Aadhar Number, Withdrawing Cash, Get Instant Mini Statement , Instant Payment Transactions and Instant Settlement.

Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) is a new method of payment system which is basically based on Aadhaar card number and enables customer for cashless transaction. AEPS helps customers to perform basic banking transaction including fund transfer, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, balance enquiry and mini statement.

This was the first initiative towards cashless society from Indian government.We at Rainet Technology(clickncash) Provide the Best AEPS software and AEPS API in India AEPS is the Payment Service which empowers Bank users to use their Aadhar to Perform basic banking Transactions like Cash Deposits, Withdrawals and More.

With this apps & softwares you can perform multi task operation of your daily services at one places. In today’s time every small and large business are using this software /apps.To build robust customer-centric AEPs solutions for global banking , and emerge as a leading payments system service provider being highly valued by our customers, partners and employees.

It is the most convenient way to do any kind of transaction, since one doesn’t need to go anywhere else, one can do it at one’s comfort.

What you need is- just a micro ATM or aadhaar enabled app along with aadhaar number, bank name and its detail, and other self-details.Hence,Rainet Technology(ClicknCash) understand the importance of regulatory compliances, certifications and recognitions.

We take utmost care to build concrete foundation of our offerings by being affiliated to and/or connected with most of the ace organizations which command regulation or breed reliance.

With the advancement of technology in today’s time everyone wants to stay at home and work with the best features of one click services .AEPs software/apps provide all your daily needy work related transaction & services from one place.


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Features We Provide in AEPs :aeps software

web development companySafe Aadhar to Aadhar Fund Transfer.

web development companyEasy , Safe and Secure System.

web development company Unlimited Master Distributors Creation.

web development companyUnlimited Distributors Creation.

web development companyUnlimited Retailer Creation.

web development company Support Ticket Option.

web development companySet commission According to You.

web development companyMaximum Transaction Limit.

web development companyPayment Transaction.

web development company Cash Withdrawal.

web development companyBalance Check.

web development company Supports All Banks.

web development companyMini Statement.

web development companyInstant Settlement.

web development company Highest Commission.


Functionality in  AEPs Software/Apps provide by Rainet Technology-aeps software

Retailer  The log in and log out system is integrated.

Retailer MAC and IP based security is maintained.

Retailer Data is secured from all of kind of mischief by integrating captcha and 3d verification.

Retailer The OTP system is also integrated.

Retailer No third party API integration, since payment API plays a vital role in deciding the safe transaction of your payment

Retailer Integration of email and sms send and receive facility

Retailer Integration of the system of fund addition and deduction system.

Retailer Integration of fund management system.

Retailer Generation of graphical reports with instant effect.



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