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Email marketing Services is one of the best digital marketing tool in  today’s time to promote your business.Email Marketing is not just composing the email and sending it to the contact list.

Before conducting an email campaign, one has to be completely aware of privacy issues, permission limits, tracking every event of the heavy email volume, and more.We provide the best ethics and relevancy in the promotion of your brand & increase their value at a very less time.

Our email marketing service  at Rainet Technology is one of the  best  in noida as we provide high quality email marketing service with the latest upgraded tool & strategy at a reasonable price. Our email campaigns primarily target your promotion of the brand its products and services.

Emails are sent to the thousands of targeted customers or audience straight to their inbox with very less amount of time.We follow the best algorithms for  email marketing campaign to increase your sales and promote your brand and according to that we implement our theory for the leads.

Our email campaigns are strategically designed so that we get responses within 24 hrs and the response are analyzed and monitored to improve the next campaign conducted.

Rainet technology Bulk Email Marketing  email marketing

Features Provide –

Only relevant emails are sent to our subscribers.

Through our tools, one million emails can be sent within a time span of 24 hours

All the emails that we sent to our customers are legal and authenticated from their side.

Our Email templates are designed with HTML, JPG, and user engaging content.

Emails composed are pre-checked with spam check apps and then sent in order to reach every potential customer.

Before sending the mails we check it line by line so that it couldn’t distract our customers.

File attachment support and Subscription management is also provided.

Supports all varieties of Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

With the latest email tools,detailed reports on the campaign are given that provides complete statistics of the Email Open rate, Bounce rate, Unsubscribed rate, Click through rate, etc.

Our Email Marketing Services include-Email Marketing Services

Rainet technology(clicknCash)  Planning relevant and unique  content sending operations.

Rainet technology(clicknCash) Generating text/HTML oriented email messages.

Rainet technology(clicknCash)  Scheduling of  messages according to the target.

Rainet technology(clicknCash) Handling c number of contact list in a proper & managed way.

Rainet technology(clicknCash) Subscription management.

Rainet technology(clicknCash) Track Open rate and click rate of emails through rate monitoring.

Rainet technology(clicknCash) Spam verification prior to sending.

Rainet technology(clicknCash) Taking care Of total number of bounce rate in email.

Why choose Us ?

Providing best email marketing to boost your business within less time.

Best maintenance & support

Promote your brand on national & international level and helps you to get more traffic .

Rank your site on google using white hat SEO.

Provide best feature and latest tools & APIs at a very affordable price.

Keep track of every report in a managed way.

The most cost-effective email marketing helps you  to get new clients and retain existing clients. our email marketing services helps you to boost your business an generate leads within a specific time.Our primary goal is to generate visibility and brand awareness of the business and its products/services.

Bulk Email marketing strategy provides a wonderful opportunity to communicate with potential customers who are taking interest in your business & brand and existing clients with a variety of helpful and workable data.

Rainet Technology has good experience in taking complete care of email campaigns from the beginning to the end such as planning, copy writing, template blueprint, landing page blueprint, optimization of conversion, HTML coding, syndication, handling lists, monitoring, coverage, and evaluating.


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Rainet Technology(ClicknCash)provides end to end online solution in all aspects that are registering the domain, E-commerce website ,B2B E-commerce  software ,website hosting, Web Development, Mobile App Development until Digital Marketing services  which helps in grow your business as well as obtaining brand value online.

We always look to serve you with the best web design ,latest technology and always welcomes your new ideas and innovations to include in the project to provide you with the best product in the market to enhance your business and helps you to acquire your business goals.

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